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How many of you get a revelation just as you are falling asleep? The time between knowing sleep is just around the corner and your mind and body are drifting away. I love sleep! Naps are the best thing ever, I wish I lived in a siesta culture. So last night while drifting, I came up with an idea. I’m changing the focus of my blog to: anything I’m currently interested in! I love to learn and explore and try new things, much more than just being an educator. As I said in my About Mewinding path, I am made up of lots of life experiences. To quote myself, I am  a “Teacher of tweens, owned by dachshunds, mom of 6 adults, Nana to a grandson, gardener extraordinaire, organizational freak, carpenter apprentice, techy geek.”

I began a new book yesterday, White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber. She is the author of the blog, Eat, Live, Run . The book is about how she began and developed her blog into what it is today. She says in her introduction, “…I transitioned from blogging about culinary school to blogging about life in general, until I finally found my passion and niche for writing tasty, family-friendly recipes.” She didn’t just start writing with the final focus in mind, she allowed her passion to lead her writing. I do have to warn you though, she is leaving the blogging business after 8 years. Her life has been opened up as a result of her blog and she is following a new path. This resonates with me as I feel new paths are also ahead of me.

I love to recount my adventures and experiences (some folks say I add too many details!), so I’m going to write here. I don’t expect a huge following, but maybe my friends will come for the posts with the details of my short accounts on Facebook! As Steve Wheeler said in his video, “3 things You Need to Know About Blogging”a blog should be “interesting, engaging, have some humor, snappy title, hyperlinks and pictures.” I add to this my passion, uniqueness (heaven knows there are plenty of blogs out there) and love of writing.

Keep following my blogs, you’ll never which direction they will take you!


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